Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake D

Today is Jacob's 15th Birthday. I can't believe our youngest is 15.
There is so much to say about this young man, I could write a book
He is funny, witty, charming, kind and so on.
He is full of spunk and at time's piss,
he is a thinker and a reader,
He likes to solves problems and take things apart
and put them back together.
He can tell a story about anything,
and solve just about every video game we own.
He is a friend and pal,
loyal to the end and sometimes till he gets hurt.
He is logical and contemplative,
He doesn't have a short fuse but also isn't the most
He is sweet and kind when its important and fights for the underdog,
although He won't admit it,
he loves his sister and would stand up for her at any cost.
He is about justice and hope,
and doesn't tolerate the nonsensical.
He is such an important part of our family
and I am so thankful for Jacob.

I know one day he will go off to college and pursue his dreams,
in the meantime
He is my organizer, helper and pal.
I love when just he and I get to hang out.
I hope to spend the next 15 years
talking about life and figuring it out,
I hope he will always remain close
and stand up for what's true.
Most of all I pray that He loves Jesus
and will always remain at His side.

Happy Birthday Jake D


Jamie said...

What great things you said about Jake. Very sweet...tear;) You are very lucky to have two wonderful children.

Vegas Pouter said...

can you give me the names of some scrapbooking contacts down here??

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!